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V/Q lung scan showing pulmonary embolism

Lung Scan Showing Pulmonary Embolism

Lung Scans

Lung Scans are used to detect blood clots in the lungs (in a condition known as pulmonary embolism). It is performed in patients with unexplained breathlessness or chest pain particularly following recent travel or surgery. It is also used for surgical planning before lung surgery and in cases of suspected inflammatory disorders of the lungs.

No preparation is required for this scan. 

There are two parts to the scan:
• A small amount of medical gas is inhaled. The tracer used is Technegas which allows several images of the lungs to be obtained.
• A tracer injection of Technetium-99m macroaggregated albumin is then given, followed by a final set of scans.

There are no side effects, and the tracers used can be administered to patients with iodine allergy or kidney failure.

All lung scans are bulk-billed.

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