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Gallium scan showing otitis externa

Infection of the Right Ear
(Gallium Scan)

White cell scan showing osteomyelitis

Left Foot Infection
(White Cell Scan)

Infection Scans

Gallium Scans are used for a variety of disorders, most commonly for suspected infection of the bones and soft tissues. It is often performed in combination with a bone scan if skeletal infections are suspected. It is useful in cases of sarcoidosis, persistent fever of unknown origin (PUO), and suspected cancer or leukaemia/lymphoma. White Cell Scans and Leukoscans may be more accurate if a site of infecton other than the bones of the skull or spine is suspected. It can also detect cases of inflammatory bowel disease or persistent fever following surgery

No preparation is required. The tracers used are Gallium-67 citrate, Technetium-99m colloid,and Leukoscan. The injections do not cause side effects and can be safely used in patients with kidney failure.

All infection scans are bulk-billed.

Common Nuclear Medicine Scans

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