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Normal cerebral perfusion scan

Normal Brain Scan

Early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's Disease

Cerebral Scans

There are 2 commonly-performed types of cerebral scans:

• Cerebral Perfusion Scans
• Thallium Scans

No preparation is required.
All cerebral scans are bulk-billed. 

Cerebral Perfusion Scans are used to assess blood flow within the brain. This allows for early detection of dementia, often before changes are detected on other scans such as CT and MRI. The scans can also be used to identify areas of the brain which may be causing epilepsy.

Thallium Scans are helpful for the investigation of brain tumours. After treatment scar tissue is often left behind in the brain. The scans help to determine if the tissue within the scar is destroyed, or if there are remaining cancer cells, which may require further therapy.

Common Nuclear Medicine Scans

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