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Nuclear Medicine SPECT/CT gamma camera

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a specialised field of diagnostic medical imaging. It is based on using tracers to perform body scans and for therapy. The tracers are able to track subtle changes in cellular and organ function, and reveal disease processes much earlier than x-rays. The amount of radiation involved is very small. For most scans it is typically less than one third of a standard CT scan. Tracers can also be used safely in those with kidney failure or previous iodine contrast allergy.

SPECT/CT is the latest advancement in Nuclear Medicine technology. It allows the addition of an ultra low-radiation CT study to the Nuclear Medicine scan, improving the ability to pinpoint small structures in the body.

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All nuclear medicine scans and procedures are bulk-billed.

Common Nuclear Medicine Scans

Bone ScansCardiac ScansLung ScansThyroid / Parathyroid ScansRenal ScansGastrointestinal ScansHepatic / Biliary ScansCerebral ScansEndocrine Tumour ScansInfection ScansLymphatic Scans