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DXA bone densitometry
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DXA Bone Densitometry

Bone density testing is able to detect patients with low bone mass before problems occur. It is also used to monitor patients who are being treated for osteoporosis. Our bone density scanner uses advanced technology and requires only 10% of the radiation exposure of standard X-rays, and 1% of standard CT scans.

Two low-energy X-ray beams are passed across areas of the body, and the differences in energy absorption are used to calculate the density of the underlying tissue.

No preparation is required for the scan.
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All bone densitometry scans are bulk-billed.

Body Composition Study

Body Composition Studies provide an analysis of whole-body fat, muscle, and bone distribution.

These studies are commonly performed in patients who are on a weight loss program or have abnormalities in their hormonal levels. Despite regular exercise and treatment some patients may not achieve improvements in weight. This may occur because fat is replaced by muscle tissue. A body composition scan is able to detect improvements by measuring changes in the ratio of fat, muscle and bone.