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We are a medical imaging and specialist clinic offering nuclear medicine, DXA bone densitometry, cardiac stress testing, and endocrinology consultation services. We aim to provide the highest quality clinical and imaging services using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We combine a caring and efficient approach with technological advances to minimise radiation exposure.

Our medical imaging and diagnostic testing procedures are bulk-billed. 

Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear Medicine is a specialised field of diagnostic medical imaging. It is based on using injected tracers to perform body scans or for therapy. These tracers are able to track subtle changes in cellular and organ function, and therefore reveal disease processes much earlier than x-rays.

DXA Bone Densitometry

DXA Bone

Bone density testing is able to detect patients with low bone mass before fractures occur. It is also used to monitor patients who are being treated for osteoporosis, to ensure that bone density remains stable or improves, and does not continue to deteriorate over time.

Thyroid Ultrasound


Thyroid ultrasound is the best tool for structural assessment of the thyroid gland. Commonly the scan is performed in patients with enlargement of the thyroid gland (goitre) and in those with nodules (small swellings in the gland). It is also helpful in the assessment of patients with over- or underactivity.

Endocrinology Consultation


Endocrinology is a specialist field of Internal Medicine that focuses on the hormonal system. It covers disorders such as:
• Thyroid disease
• Diabetes mellitus
• Osteoporosis & bone diseases
• Pituitary disease
• Adrenal disease
• Endocrine malignancies